PackLeader Ambassador Program

PackDen is looking for people who are passionate about adventure, building community and the outdoors to join our team of Ambassadors, aka. PackLeaders!

As a PackLeader you will be the howl and heart of PackDen in your community. Give folks a taste of what’s it’s like to adventure with a Wolfpack! You’ll be the face of your city and responsible for leading a quarterly outdoor adventure that is free to the community.

That first experience of meeting up with a group of strangers, no matter how rad, can be scary. Help them feel safe, empowered and included by welcoming them to this world of outdoor adventure. That first step is the most critical and with one positive experience, you can help get more people outdoors. That experience can inspire and encourage them to find their Wolfpack through our platform - swipe for friends, connect into dens - but most importantly help them feel bold enough to follow through. Tech is cool, but actual human connection outdoors is way cooler! PackDen aspires to leverage technology as a trail that will connect people in real life to a more satisfying one - offline and outdoors. 

PackLeaders help us establish guidelines for Dens. 

You adventure often and know a thing or two about trail etiquette and leaving no trace. Using your wilderness knowledge and experience leading adventure groups, we want to hear what you have to say about making a Den a safe space for everyone. We believe that everyone belongs outdoors regardless of ability, background or appearance. We want everyone to be able to howl with heart and engage in meaningful conversations - a place where no question is dumb and everyone is respected. We strive to be a safe and encouraging space where people can connect to create communities - large and small. Identities are complex and whether you identify as one, some, all or none of these it’s important to know that PackDen welcomes everyone to our pack: Able bodied, Adaptive bodied, Fat, Thin, Fast, Slow, Women, Men, Non-Binary, Gender Non-conforming, Lesbian, Gay, Straight, Bi, Trans, Black, People of Color, Indigenous and White People - We believe that everyone belongs outdoors.

As a PackLeader, you will be a part of our WolfPack!

When you join our team as a PackLeader you will receive a welcome package with goodies from our partners and PackDen swag. You’ll have ongoing support from our Ambassador Manager and be able to brainstorm and share tips with your fellow PackLeaders on a private Den on our App. As a PackLeader you will receive exclusive invites to PackLeader gatherings where you can meet other amazing adventurers, break bread together, swap pro-tips, laugh at #trailfails and toast to new adventures on the horizon. The team at PackDen wants to know you and as a thank you for your hard work, you will be invited to our annual company retreat. And last, but certainly not least, you will be invited to attend our Customer Advisory Board meetings - a recurring gathering of brilliant minds with our most trusted customers and industry influencers to discuss industry trends and needs that will guide the strategic direction of our platform. There are so many social media and friending platforms out there that are built without consulting the community in which they support. That’s dumb. Let’s change up the social space and build a meaningful platform that reflects our community’s values and serves their actual needs. After all, we are here for the community!